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The guitar that I build is an instrument of traditional style highly inspired by the work of Hermann Hauser and of the Spanish luthiers Antonio de Torres, Domingo Esteso and Enrique Garcia.


Their instruments, which I have had the chance to hear live and in many recordings, have extraordinary musical timbre characteristics.


The sound that I have in my memory comes from these special instruments and then I transfer these sensations to my guitar while building it.

I try to combine a scientific approach with an instinctive/empirical one, so I skillfully measure the wood’s specific weight and the flexibility to have the objective parameters, but I then always mix in my music sensitivity and experience in crafting the wood.

To obtain the best results I use woods of excellent quality that I choose very carefully according to their physical and sound characteristics.


The features I design into my guitars are the deep mellow bass and the round “singing” higher tones. The result is a melodious sound full of body.

The main characteristic is the quality and the purity of the sound: this latter component allows the sound to be malleable, rich in colors, providing the musician with a medium for projection and expression.

Particular attention is given to the details and to the esthetic beauty of the instrument which, in my opinion, along with the rich tonal features, distinguish the guitar made by a luthier from an industrially made guitar.

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