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The choice of my profession was a combination of passion and luck. I had not found any interest in pursuing a career in anything I found in high school, so I decided to dedicate myself to the passion I had for music in a way that would give me both small daily satisfactions as well as greater personal gratifications during a career.

I enrolled in the Civic School of Luthiery, which was also conveniently located in my town, Milan. In the first 3 years of the school I learned the basic techniques to build a musical instrument. During the last year of school I went to do apprenticeship in maestro Enrico Bottelli’s shop in Voghera.

Here I immersed myself in the world of the classic guitar. I fell immediately in love with it, also thanks to the maestro’s contagious passion for the fascinating sound of his guitars.

In 2012 I opened my laboratory in Vimodrone, near Milan, where I started producing my guitar: a traditional instrument with particular attention to the beauty of the details and of the exceptional materials used.

This quality is reflected in a sound, from guitar to guitar, that is becoming always more appreciated in Italy and abroad.

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"Particular attention is given to the details and to the esthetic beauty of the instrument which, in my opinion, along with the rich tonal features, distinguish the guitar made by a luthier from an industrially made guitar"
"The range of available tone colour makes it suitable
for every genre of repertoire and the playing comfort is notable"

 Miles Roberts - Kent Guitar Classics

"In our opinion, luthier Daniele Marrabello is one of the great younger talents currently on the Italian guitar making scene"

Guitar Salon International


Strada Padana Superiore 38, Vimodrone (MI) \\ Tel: 3389302259


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